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iT’S A NEW DAY: WE’RE BUILDING A 21st century appalachia

100% of every donation goes to support programming through Shaping Our Appalachian Region, Inc. (SOAR), a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, that ensures there's a bright future in Appalachia Kentucky.  Whether it's through our work in facilitating community action teams, or our intentional strategy to share the great work of our partners occurring in the region.  We work to unite people in the cause of creating a 21st Century Appalachia in Kentucky.  We deeply appreciate your support!

You can review our Annual Impact Reports to learn more about our work.

SOAR focuses it's work in three specific areas:

  1. BEING A CHAMPION: Promoting and Inspiring Appalachia Kentucky

  2. DRIVING INNOVATION: Strategically Aligned with the Blueprint

  3. GROWING THE TEAM: In Number and Capacity

SOAR has 10 core values:

FAITH | We believe in the impossible.  Faith is at the core of our values because we firmly believe in things we can't see.  We envision an Appalachia full of opportunity and one that competes and thrives in the 21st Century economy. Everything we do today is guided by where we want to be tomorrow. 

GRIT | We press on, even when it may seem easier to quit.  It's a deep connection to our culture, one deeply entrenched in faith, family, and work.  That same grit and determination, an unwavering dedication to accomplish what we put our minds to, will be the catalyst that builds the 21st century Appalachia we so desire.  We're required to overcome opposition, frustration, disappointment, and discouragement.

TEAMWORK | Together. Everyone. Accomplishes. More. We will work together harmoniously and simultaneously, with vigor, to build a 21st Century Appalachia.  We recognize, while we may work independently at times, the future of our region is dependent on one another.  

LEADERSHIP | We commit to being the driving force that embraces and drives change to create a 21st Century Appalachia.  As a leader in community and economic development, we will instill a spirit of collaboration among stakeholders that promotes unity and a collective vision and purpose.  As a leader, we will add value to others and develop more leaders.

SERVICE | We will put others first and demonstrate the traits of servant leadership to move our region forward.  In service to build a 21st Century Appalachia, the individual successes will be celebrated and promoted as regional successes.

COMPASSION | Our actions are driven by compassion.  We act because we care about our neighbors and the future of the communities we serve. 

PURPOSE | We live with purpose.  Purpose is the overarching belief that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.  Each and every partner has an individual purpose to pursue in building a 21st Century Appalachia.

STRATEGY | Thinking and planning are critically important to building a 21st Century Appalachia.  We believe there are significant, long-term benefits to spending adequate time focusing on what is important but not urgent.  The Regional Blueprint is our region’s strategic guide to making this shared vision a reality.

ACCOUNTABILITY | We believe in providing and accepting accountability.  As a Collective Impact organization, we commit to effectively communicating with our stakeholders and being a champion for accountability.   

CREATIVITY | We are a future-focused organization that acknowledges and appreciates our past.   We will approach issues in a creative, innovative and collaborative manner with a focus on the future.  We will develop innovative solutions, outside of assumed barriers, and seek effective methods of implementation. 


If you're interested giving more than money, explore our Blueprint Partnership program that allows you to donate, but also become part of an active network of people who are engaged in changing their communities.