How You Can Help

The new narrative of Appalachia is being authored by us.  We are embarking on the first chapter of a community and economic transformation that will be recorded as one of the greatest turnarounds in American history.  Our future is not dependent on one single industry cluster or announcement. Our future hinges on the unity of our purpose.  It hinges on us accepting our challenges and working collectively, in unison, to build an economy that provides opportunity to all who desire it.





We encourage you to promote and inspire change in Appalachia Kentucky.  How anyone can help:





100% of every donation goes to support programming that ensures there's a bright future in Appalachia Kentucky.  Whether it's through our work in facilitating community action teams, or our intentional strategy to share the great work of our partners occurring in the region; we work to unite people in the cause of creating a 21st Century Appalachia in Kentucky.  We deeply appreciate your support!


Our work is only beginning. We’ve created a Blueprint Partner program just for us. Whether you are an individual, an organization, or a business, you have a seat at the table and your voice will be heard. Your passion, your desire, your perseverance, and your determination represent the fabric of what makes Appalachia Kentucky so special. Join the movement and let’s write a new narrative for Appalachia Kentucky.