2 | Talent

GOAL 2: Develop our regional workforce to be competitive in the digital economy and other emerging industries

2.1    Strengthen employer-led training and education efforts to provide clear paths to jobs including reciprocal relationships with national/global employers that employ a remote workforce

2.2   Leverage public-private partnerships to create short and long-term training programs supporting industries primed for growth such as: Telecommunications (specifically fiber), Healthcare, Energy, Machinists, and the Digital Economy

2.3    Invest in programs across the K-16 education continuum that increase access to training and career pathways related to STEAM skills, digital dconomy skillsets, agribusiness and other emerging technologies

2.4   Develop modern co-working facilities that can also serve as business innovation hubs

2.5    Improve access to employment training/retraining programs for low-wage/unemployed individuals