Leslie County Grant Brings in New Opportunities by Revitalizing a Decommissioned School

Leslie County, Ky. - A grant announced last week at the 2019 SOAR Summit for nearly two million dollars is helping Leslie County bring new opportunities to the area and improving existing infrastructure.

The building where the new project will take place is in an old school that has been decommissioned for several years.

Ricky Baker, executive director of LKLP Community Action Council, says this announcement and project includes several components and steps.

“We were excited last week that we were selected for part of the initial funding to start the development of the Leslie county training and Teleworks hub," said Baker. "We will provide some just training activities inside the building as well as an additional Teleworks hub.”

Baker says the project involved several partners to make the project come to life.

"We are going to be working with Hazard Community and Technical College and they are already in the rear of the building in the old baseball field area."

The baseball field area will be home to the new HCTC lineman school.

The grant is part of what is supposed to eventually be a nearly eight million dollar project.

Baker says they hope to have the initial remodeling phase begin later this year and with the right funding secured could have everything in place within the next year.

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