Remote Work Bridging the Hiring Gap for Rural Professionals

The current job market tilts heavily in the job seeker’s favor, with a historically low unemployment rate, more open jobs than professionals to fill them, and more people quitting their jobs than any time in the last 17 years.

However, most of the good news for job seekers is in urban and suburban areas. Rural employment has unfortunately failed to recover as quickly or as well as urban employment since the recession.

One impactful solution to help bring jobs to rural areas is remote work. Remote work can narrow the rural-urban employment gap by providing high-quality, reliable work for people who don’t live close to economic hubs. Because there are job opportunities with remote options in almost all professional career fields, it can be a win three times over.

In an article published on, eastern Kentucky and Teleworks USA, a Grassroots Partner of SOAR, is highlighted. Several residents of eastern Kentucky were interviewed to find out how remote work has impacted their lives.

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