Operation UNITE has disposed of 13 tons of prescription medication since 2012

SOMERSET, Ky. – Operation UNITE, a Blueprint Partner of SOAR, is encouraging people across Appalachia Kentucky to utilize UNITE drop-boxes to dispose of unused medications. 

Proper disposal of medications has many benefits.  According to UNITE, 70% of young adults who admit to abusing prescription drugs say that easy access to prescription medication started their addiction.  Additionally, disposing of prescription medication by flushing it down a toilet can contaminate the water supply.

Through the efforts of UNITE, more than 13 tons of prescription medication has been disposed of properly since 2012. UNITE has 41 locations throughout the region.  A complete list of locations can be found HERE.

The work of organizations like Operation UNITE are critical to the success of Appalachia Kentucky.

“The 21st Century Appalachia we envision is one that is healthy and vibrant,” said Jared Arnett, executive director of SOAR.  “Healthy economies are created by healthy communities.  The work of Operation UNITE and all those working to improve health outcomes across our region is important and critical.”

One of SOAR’s seven Regional Blueprint goals is Healthy Communities.

Operation UNITE President/CEO Nancy Hale serves as chair of SOAR’s Healthy Communities group.

National Drug Take-Back Day is April 27.

Learn more about Operation UNITE’s drop-off program by clicking HERE.

WYMT is a Media Partner and East Kentucky partner of SOAR.