DropBox, Inc. awarded $2.15 million contract through Department of Homeland Security

WORTHINGTON, Ky. – DropBox, Inc., a Worthington, Ky.-based manufacturing facility, announced a $2.15 million contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office (CWMD).

The company will manufacture and deliver multiple specially engineered and designed shipping container modifications, known as On-Deck Rail Straddle Carrier Portal.  DropBox, Inc. will add up to 30 full-time jobs because of this contract.

The specialized container-based scanning units will be positioned at U.S. ports and will be deployed specifically to scan incoming overseas shipping containers for nuclear material that can be found in “dirty bombs” and/or other potential weapons of mass destruction.

“This is an exciting announcement for Worthington and the surrounding communities,” said Jared Arnett, executive director of Shaping Our Appalachian Region. “Robert [Slagel] and his team are committed to clients, and they have demonstrated time and time again that the workforce and ingenuity of Appalachia Kentucky is something the global market desires.”

For more information on DropBox, Inc., visit http://www.dropboxinc.com/.