Clay County opens homeless shelter ahead of freezing weather

Manchester has never had a place to house men, women or children in need of shelter, until now. Community members banded together to ensure the shelter, Warm Souls for Worn Soles, would be open ahead of dropping temperatures.

Prior to the shelter opening, first responders and concerned citizens were forced to pay out of of pocket to house people for one or two nights in a local motel. The expense was burdensome and the relief from the elements was very temporary. Opening the new shelter means that volunteers are better able to connect those in need with appropriate resources.

The shelter is run with the aid of volunteers. Local churches and organizations take turns overseeing the shelter’s operations. The drive to keep people warm and off the street during the frigid weather is yet another example of local communities stepping up to provide long term solutions to local problems.

For more information, to volunteer, or to donate to the shelter, call: 606-599-6820

You can visit the FB page HERE


Warm Souls for Worn Soles

Serving the Clay County homeless population