Pulmonary clinic provides hope and healing in the mountains

To put the need for a pulmonary clinic in this area into perspective, Kentucky is ranked first in the nation for deaths from COPD, the third leading cause of death in the state. The lung disease death rate for the nation is at 41.7 (rate per 100,000), 63.4 for the state and 175.7 for Magoffin County. 
— Salyersville Independent

Hope Family Pulmonary Services opened their doors in September at the Grace Anne Dorney Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, located off of Restaurant Row in the building that was previously a donut shop.

Focusing on helping people with breathing problems returning to a healthier, more active life, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center’s main goals are to help patients reach their maximum potential to participate in all activities of daily living, minimize episodes of feeling breathless and reduce the need for hospital care. 

Whitney Bolen, the director of respiratory therapy at the center, explained to the Independent that people struggling with shortness of air or lung disease can talk to the primary care physician about referring them there, and then they will come in for an evaluation. If deemed that they could benefit from the treatment, they will start them on a tailored program to their needs.

Bolen said watching the patients improve through the program is very rewarding.

“Just seeing them improve, seeing their condition at the beginning, and now they’re not even halfway through and we’re seeing them be able to get around without being short of breath,” Bolen said. “Even their attitude is completely flipped.”

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