AHA seeks community organizations to implement health based educational experience


Seeking Community Organizations to Implement Healthy for Life! Nominate to Receive $2,500

We need your help identifying community organizations (social service, faith-based, housing, food bank, etc.) to grant $2,500 each to implement 4 educational experiences in a 2-3-month period utilizing our Healthy for Life materials. For more information on the content of the lessons, register on the link.


The organization should be able to do the following:

  • Conduct at least 4 educational experiences by June 15, 2019 using our educational experiences materials

  • Engage 25 participants per session

  • Participate in evaluation process (participant survey in the 1st and 4th sessions, and have the ability to submit information via internet)

    • Up to 15 organizations can participate in this process and they will be provided an additional $100

  • Provide a brief program report at the conclusion, including photos


We would like to issue the grants in January and the implementation needs to be complete by June 15, 2019.


For the selected organizations, we’ll host an orientation kick-off call in January to review the Healthy for Life educational resources and outline the program expectations.  


What is Healthy for Life?

Healthy for Life aims to change relationships with food and nutrition by inspiring families and individuals to make healthy food choices part of their everyday lives to improve health and wellbeing.

It’s facilitated through a multi-pronged approach.

1)     Engage and Empower – Communities, especially for those in greatest need.

2)     Enable – Community centers and other social services organizations to offer impactful programs

3)     Equip - Individuals with new skills to make health changes