Disabled combat veteran merges culinary skills and entrepreneurship

Injured Army veteran Nathan Stepek struggled to maintain employment after being honorably discharged. The effects of PTSD made following a traditional career path impossible and the lack of options for flexibility in most work environments presented an insurmountable obstacle.

Stepek was not content to remain without a career. That’s when his formal training as a chef, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit led Chef Nate and his wife, Rachel to open a food truck. In April 2018, Chef Nate and Rachel opened Handlebar Nate’s. The mobile food truck serves businesses around London, Corbin and Williamsburg.

The flexibility of self employment allows Stepek to take time off when necessary and customize his own schedule. He hopes to parlay his own success into a non-profit that focuses solely on helping veterans start their own businesses.

Handlebar Nate’s serves gourmet hotdogs and special sauces. His food has a huge fan following and his menu is ever evolving. He is also available for special events.

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