Bouchard provides update on Braidy Industries at Ashland Alliance Regional Celebration

ASHLAND, Ky. – About 1,000 people from across Appalachia Kentucky gathered for a Regional Celebration hosted by the Ashland Alliance – the chamber of commerce for Boyd and Greenup counties – on Thursday, October 25 at the Veloxint building on the EastPark Industrial Center.

Veloxint is a part of the Braidy family, and the company’s chairman and CEO, Craig T. Bouchard, was the keynote speaker during the event.

He said Braidy Industries has deposited $65 million in Kentucky banks, and have spent $35 million for the Braidy Atlas mill and purchased another two companies for $100 million.

Nate Haney, a member of the SOAR executive board and senior vice president of Braidy Industries, was the recipient of the President’s Award during the celebration.

You can find a more detailed recap of the event HERE.

Braidy Industries Senior Vice President Nate Haney

Braidy Industries Senior Vice President Nate Haney